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Belong to a tribe that invests in and celebrates your success

We’ll put your sharp mind & natural talents to good use so you enjoy coming to work every day.

Finding a job that feels like the “right fit” can be challenging.

Can you relate to any of these scenarios?

  • You’re discontent and a bit bored because your intelligence isn’t being utilized
  • You’re frustrated that employers aren’t willing to accommodate your need for flexibility
  • You’re introverted and it’s not always appreciated at your current job
  • You’re creative at heart and wish you had an outlet to express your brilliant ideas
  • You’re new to the United States and looking for experience and a work home

You deserve an employer that values you.

We believe in the potential of every member of our team.

We see ways you can contribute that you may not even see in yourself.

When you work at Diddams, you matter.

Autonomy & Flexibility

We know you have a life outside of work, and we want to accommodate so you can enjoy both.

Learning & Development

Grow your career in a variety of ways - and in the meantime, gain valuable skills as you hone your expertise.

Small Business Culture

Receive individual attention and direct access to the owner — for mentorship, recommendation letters, and more.

We love our job. We want you to love yours, too.

These days, too many organizations treat their people as disposable. That’s why even in high-paying corporate jobs, burnout and turnover are at an all-time high.

At Diddams, we believe in long-term relationships - which is why we want our team to feel supported and appreciated every single day.Diddams is the perfect culture for:

  • Those with a passion for helping people and working with their hands
  • Smart and ambitious people seeking leadership opportunities and growth
  • People re-entering the workforce or looking for a new challenge
  • First-time job applicants looking for work experience and valuable, marketable skills that will serve you for the rest of your life

What if work could feel more like a party?

That’s what happens when your job is all about making life’s most treasured moments even more memorable.

I founded Diddams over three decades ago because I’m passionate about making people feel special. This applies to our customers, of course, but extends to our team as well.

The Diddams culture is based on active listening and long-term relationships. Because of that, most of my employees have been with me for many years — a fact I’m proud of.

There’s no amount of money that would adequately compensate our talented team, as their contributions are priceless. But our competitive benefits package includes:

  • Salary raises at 30 days and 60 days
  • $500 bonus at 6 months
  • Performance incentives
  • 30% in-store discount
  • And more…

If you believe you’d be a good fit for Diddams, we’d love to hear from you.


% of employees stay 5+ years


Parties Supported


Years in the party industry

“My co-workers at Diddams really get me, and I love

getting to work on projects I’m naturally good at ”

Your dream job is just a few steps away…


Fill out our online


Apply online to one of our three convenient locations.


We’ll chat and see

if it’s a good fit

An informal interview will help us both get to know each other.


Learn what it’s like

to love what you do

Welcome to a culture that appreciates you for you.

When you work here, I guarantee:

  • You’ll gain marketable, valuable skills that will propel you through life.
  • You'll be a better human being for working with us.
  • We'll always look for ways for you to enjoy your unique contributions.
  • We'll challenge you and encourage your growth and hone your expertise.
  • By day 2 on the job, every staff member will know your first and last name.
  • When you aren't at work, you'll be missed.

You’ve got unique talents and gifts.

Life’s too short not to be using them.

Too many people end up wasting years working with companies where they’re under appreciated and not utilizing their natural gifts.

You have too much to offer to settle for a job where you feel disposable.

Together we’ll make sure you gain valuable skills, hone your expertise and most importantly, LOVE coming to work.

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