Mylar Balloons

We’ve got all sorts of mylar balloons to match your party theme! We’re stocked up with everything from princesses, ponies, and unicorns to race cars, motorcycles, and trains. Whether you’re throwing your little boy a Mickey Mouse themed party or you’re putting on a surprise engagement party for your best friend, we’ve got what you need to add some festivity to your party. Our mylars typically stay inflated all week long, but we’ve got special tricks to make them last longer.

Novelty Balloons

The fun doesn’t stop there… We also sell punch balls, water bombs, twist and shape balloons, 5″ decorating balloons, balloon ribbon, helium tanks, balloon pumps, and just about any other balloon accessory you can think of.

Latex Balloons

Our latex balloons come in every shade of the rainbow. We know that Under the Sea party won’t be perfect without that perfect shade of aqua blue. Plus, we’ve got some printed latex balloons and all sorts of sizes! We’ll even fill them up with confetti for you! Our latex balloons last between 8 and 10 hours, but we’ll add a special solution to make them float longer if you need them too! We’ve got swatches of our everyday balloons below: Balloon Swatches Looking for some unique balloon decor to decorate a special event? Our Balloon Decor Specialist, Lisa, will create something truly custom for you. Just give a quick call to our Mountain View store at (650) 965-0138. Take a look and see what we can do!